Anti-Cellulite Massage

Masaj anticeluliticTo get rid of cellulite is not exactly an easy task. But if we combine a healthy diet with some exercise and some effective techniques of massage, the results will soon appear.

The Anti-Cellulite massage is ideal because it has a strong impact on both circulatory and lymphatic systems. In addition, the massage of cellulite areas involves the removal of fat from areas over which they exercise no very great effect, such as the inside of the knee and the upper thigh.

The Anti-Cellulite massage does not treat the cellulite permanently and completely, but it can certainly contribute to smoothing of the skin surface by hiding the deposition of the adipose tissue, which is visible under the form of unsightly swellings.

Since the Anti-Cellulite massage helps to eliminate toxins from the tissues, and the cellulite is formed because of excessive accumulation of toxins, it may be prevented using unsightly fat deposits or other training in the future. In addition, because it is a local treatment, it allows obtaining the desired body remodeling, insisting on the areas with problems.

Service type Duration Price in RON
Anti-cellulite massage 50' 65
Segmental Cellulite massage 30' 40

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