Therapeutic Massage

Masaj terapeuticThe therapeutic massage is part of the medical recovery procedures being one of the most effective treatments for many diseases. It is used to treat problems such as muscle and joint pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia, improving the circulation, and also the neurological functions, helps to create inner balance and harmony. The massage also releases endorphins, helping to reduce depression and giving relief to alleviate the pain associated with terminal illness, giving emotional support and reducing the effects of stress. It can be used for the care of people with disabilities, as well as athletes (after possible injuries), improving their performance.

The therapeutic massage adopts the philosophy according to which the body knows how to heal itself, and the touch is the body signal. The therapeutic massage is one of the most powerful methods for treating and preventing pain in a non-invasive and safe way of healing, this massage being one of the healthiest options for improving the quality of life.

Appeal with trust for such a massage, informing your therapist about your medical history, and he will help you to become more aware of the importance of the health of your body.

Service type Duration Price in RON
Female therapeutic massage 50' 65
Female segmental therapeutic massage 30' 40
Male therapeutic massage 50' 70
Male segmental therapeutic massage 30' 43

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